Web 2.0 – Odiogo on WordPress (self-hosted)

Late last week, I had found out about Odiogo which changes your blog text to speech (see my post on 8/11/2007) and had tried adding it to my blogs. At the time, I had a Google Blogger blog and a WordPress blog hosted on WordPress.com.

It worked just fine adding it to my Google Blogger blog, but it turns out there is no way to add it to a WordPress.com hosted blog. This was a big black mark against WordPress.com blogs in my opinion.

Since then, we have set up our own domain and I created a subdomain of my own (clear.bluedei.com) and set up my own WordPress blog on there and supposedly, it was possible to use Odiogo on a self-hosted WordPress blog so I created my feed and submitted my request to Odiogo and waited impatiently for my confirmation email to arrive from them.

It came this afternoon, so I then tried setting up Odiogo on my new blog. It was amazingly easy! I just downloaded the plugin from the link in the confirmation email, ftp’ed it to my wp-content/plugins subdirectory on my subdomain and set it up on my blog. Now I have an odiogo feed button on my sidebar so people can subscribe to my audio feed and each time I create a post, the odiogo ‘listen now’ button is automatically added to my post.

Here are the actual instructions that were very clear and easy to follow.

1. Download the plugin

2. Upload directory odiogo_listen_button to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP

3. Login to your WordPress admin account and activate the Odiogo Listen Button plugin through the Plugins menu

4. Click Menu Options > Odiogo Listen Button

5. Enter your Odiogo Feed ID and click Save
Your Odiogo Feed ID is xxxxx.

6. Click menu Presentation > Widgets (or Sidebar Widgets depending on your WP version)

7. Drag and drop Odiogo Subscribe Button from Available Widgets to Sidebar

8. Click Save Changes

Here is a link to the Odiogo FAQ page. I noticed that people have been trying to find out why their feeds were being cut off before they were done.  You can find the answer on this FAQ page by looking under “How do I activate RSS full text option on…” and they have one for Typepad, WordPress and Blogger.

It is really a neat and useful tool and I’m very glad I can add it to my new blog.

~Susan Mellott


4 Responses to “Web 2.0 – Odiogo on WordPress (self-hosted)”

  1. mgon Says:

    Nice writeup. 🙂

    I found that it was just that simple to get it to work for all my blog posts as well.

    However, I am not able to get it to work for Pages content. Any Pages created in WordPress 2.2.2, as in, the Pages section located in the right-hand column, don’t automatically have the Odiogo button added to them, and therefore, this content is not acknowledged by Odiogo. I have tried manually adding the code to such Pages, as the code appears in blog posts, and it works…as far as the Odiogo button appearing, but Odiogo does not process the content. Everything I have tried fails.

    Does anyone have a way of doing this? Or is Odiogo only meant to work for blog posts on WordPress?

    If you know how to do what I’m talking about, please contact me. MgonTV@gmail.com (mgontv at gmail dot com).

    Thank you.

  2. Mgon Says:

    P.S. I just viewed the source code of one of the Pages on my blogsite, and it shows the same Odiogo plugin code located in the same area as my blog posts, but the Odiogo button does not appear. So, for whatever reason, though the code appears to be properly placed in blog posts and Pages, it is not working for the Pages. This is puzzling, to say the least.

  3. sciencebase Says:

    I want to relocate the Odiogo “listen now” button to make it fit my theme more slickly any idea how to put it exactly where you want it, rather than letting the plugin decide itself? Presumably, there’s some CSS or hack in the plugin php file that will do it…


  4. sciencebase Says:

    By the way, I just had Odiogo stats for July-Septemeber. First month 235 listeners, second 513, third month well over 1000, which is quite a boost to total Sciencebase subscribership, so well worth doing.


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