Skype is Back Up! Well, off and on…

Skype is up again!  Well, it is fluctuating on and off but it appears to be getting there.  Skype Heartbeat issued this statement at 2:15am GMT saying essentially that they are working on the problem and feel they are making progress (could they say any less and still issue a statement?).

I’m going to bed and hopefully it will be good to go tomorrow morning.  And I do have to say that I think Skype is in general a very reliable piece of software.  I can’t remember it going down before.  But the problem is that so many people rely so heavily on Skype now that Skype going down is like losing your entire phone service.

I got an email from someone who said that their business phones were run completely through Skype and they are having to try to contact people (and be contacted by people) completely through email until this gets resolved.  But I’m betting it will be fixed when I get up (fingers crossed).

And if people doubt that Skype is a major player and extremely important to people, just because of my posts on Skype being down, My first Skype post was #27 on the Top Posts on today and my All Things Web 2.0 blog was #5 in the list of fastest growing blogs.  Ah, the fame!  It will be back to reality tomorrow though 🙂  So Thank You Skype for that, anyway 🙂

Susan Mellott


2 Responses to “Skype is Back Up! Well, off and on…”

  1. Software Says:

    thank u so very much

  2. Voiper Says:

    I was getting quite a few reports of this. Did you see the reports today that it was caused by a bug in Microsoft’s monthly Windows update? I didn’t do an update, so I’m not buying it, unless the problem was on Skype’s end.

    Did you do an update before this happened to you?

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