Skype still down (Infoworld was mistaken)

Well I got up this morning and despite my hopes that Skype would be up, especially since it was partly up last night, no such luck. I did see it briefly flicker on this morning (for about 15 seconds), but essentially it is completely unavailable for me.
Interestingly enough, in my Skype Yahoo News feed, there is a big headline from Infoword that says Outage of Skype’s VoIP Service appears to be Over. Uh, I don’t think so. Upon reading the article, it goes on to say: “At 3:53 a.m. GMT, Skype seemed to be operating normally, with users in Asia able to log in, view their contact lists, place calls, and send messages.” OK, I gues they should have said the outage seems to be over in Asia, because it sure isn’t over in the U.S.

Skype has been posting short updates on its Skype Heartbeat blog. The latest was at 11am GMT. They are really not giving a lot of information at all in their posts. They certainly are not giving any indications what the problem is, although they are quick to say what the problems aren’t, as in this from the latest post: “Finally, we’d like to dispel a couple of theories that we are still hearing. Neither Wednesday’s planned maintenance of our web-based payment services nor any form of attack was related to the current sign-on issues in any way”

I’m sorry, but when you make a big deal about Skype being down for planned maintenance the night of the 15th and on the 16th everything is broke, I’d tend to look a what was done during the maintenance because as any programmer or computer person knows, if something goes wrong, you try to figure out what was changed and that is a good place to start. Skype did mention on one of its updates that there was a deficiency in an algorithm (whatever that means).
The VoIP Guides blog says “The Real issue was because of a deficiency in an algorithm within Skype networking software. This controls the interaction between the user’s own Skype client and the rest of the Skype network. We at VOIP Guide feel, the issue was related to authentication algorithm used on their P2P network which uses a very speculative “supernodes” technology. If anyone of you have read our very interesting article on “skype supernodes and vulnerability“, you would probably know how insecure skype could be.”

They go on to explain more about this. Unfortunately, their link to the article on skype supernodes and vulnerability does not work. I did find this article of their about the issues with supernodes.

They have a pretty decent site with a lot of information (if you can get past all the advertisements). They also mentioned Jajah software as an alternative to Skype and I have heard of Jajah as well as Gizmo Project. From the sound of it, Jajah may be easier and quicker to use, especially for a quick, short term solution.

If this keeps up (Skype stays down) then I will have to check these out and I will post my results then.

And it seems that Infoworld retracted its previous statement and has released an article saying that Skype problems may continue throughout the day.

~Susan Mellott


8 Responses to “Skype still down (Infoworld was mistaken)”

  1. S. Galiounghi Says:

    We’re definitely not up in France, we had a couple of flickers earlier in the day, but that seems to faded with my hopes of seeing SKYPE up and running during today.

  2. sippedoutyoda Says:

    That was Skype…

    Now is the time for Damaka (

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    It does encrypted video conference, audio conference, video mail, whiteboarding, audio streaming, desktop sharing, SMS, voice mail, IM chat, video profile, dial in, dial out, free pc-to-pc (audio & video) calling anywhere in the world, cheap pc to phone, phone to phone, secure file transfer, application sharing, even mobile (pocket pc and smart phones) all this is done end to end securely without using any kind of servers in the middle.

    Check ’em out at

  3. yaschan Says:

    No luck in Germany, or Finland. Japan isn’t up either as far as I heard.
    It is interesting to notice that earlier this day the skype seemed like it had properly login, it even showed the number of peolple signed in, which was about 6.000. Sure I wasnt really login as I couldnt do anything. Now it doesnt even get past the sign-in screen.
    They have at least changed something.
    I really wonder whether the cause of this was DDOS attack or something to do with the maintenance. Or maybe its just a very rare coincidence that the problems and maintenance occurred at the same time.. maybe? Still, lets hope they get it up tomorrow.
    However, Skype is a free service, so we shouldnt complain too much. They could bascially stop providing such free service anytime they want. *except the SkypeOut.
    And so far, the Skype has been surprisingly reliable. Eventually troubles like these are bound to happen..
    But I really want to use it…

  4. Perry Says:

    18:30 GMT in London, still not able to log in after two days. No news on the SKYPE website I have credit in my skype out account that I may request back if this goes on any longer. This is definately a DOS attack, by lying about it Skype are just losing the trust of their subscribers.

  5. Frederik Hermann Says:

    Hey Susan and readers,

    thank you for the mention of Jajah, much appreciated!

    I just wanted to make clear that Jajah is not a software, there is no download, no headset, no additional hardware, no software and no broadband connection needed.

    Jajah is free and low-cost global calling with your regular phone.

    You are using your existing phone (landline or mobile) and so is the person you are calling. You can call your friends for free, no matter if they are online or not.

    You simply type in your number and the number you want to call at and Jajah will connect your call between two regular phones (landline or mobile) anywhere in the world.

    You can try it out right away – it’s really easy.

    If you have any questions, just drop me a note at frederik [at] jajah [dot] com.

    Have a great weekend and regards,


  6. Travis Toppin Says:

    In Australia. Everything is working ok now. Thought it was just my computers problem or a firewall issue? Glad to see it is affecting the whole world.

  7. Top Posts « Says:

    […] Skype still down (Infoworld was mistaken) Well I got up this morning and despite my hopes that Skype would be up, especially since it was partly up last night, […] […]

  8. adaline Says:

    Great alternatives in the market to Skype like in US and in Asia

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