Google Analytics Update and WordPress Beef

Well, the latest on my problem accessing, google analytics, etc is now fixed. I’m not sure what the problem was, but I closed Firefox and reopened it and everything was OK. I had tried closing all but 1 tab and that didn’t do it. I thought I might have to reboot my PC but fortunately not.

As you may know, I’m trying to decide between Google Blogger and WordPress for my blog. Currently I am updating both and trying to decide which one I want to ultimately go to. So far, in many ways I have been leaning towards WordPress. Part of this is because I like the idea of hosting it myself and I am hoping that when I do, some of the problems will be solved with the additional plug-ins available.

But it is driving me crazy trying to add buttons and whatnot to my blog. I am trying to add a “Digg It” button for Digg. But it seems to be impossible. I have looked and looked and can’t find a reasonable solution. And there are many other ones that won’t work on WordPress, usually because WordPress doesn’t allow Javascript.

And it would not be so bad if it wasn’t almost every single thing I try to do. I do it in Blogger and it is easy. I try in WordPress and it is somewhere between difficult and impossible.

I am still hopeful that if I host my WordPress blog, it will solve alot of these problems. I really hope so because for some reason, I still like WordPress.

~Susan Mellott


Google Analytics (and maybe blogger) acting up???

It might be just me, but I am not able to connect with or the Google Analytics Blog and I can’t post a new post on my Google Blogger Blog although I can view it. But when I click New Post (or one of the links above), I get “connecting to…” and it just waits and waits.

I don’t know if this is because I have Google Analytics running, or if Google Analytics itself is having problems or what.

UPDATE at 1:40pm:  Well, I’m still having problems, but Sean tried to get in and google analytics and didn’t have this problem.  So now I wondering if it has something to do with the fact that I installed it and am using it to track one of my sites, like it has something that runs in the background that might be acting up (I know I am probably pushing my computer pretty hard and it isn’t always happy with everything I have going)

Here is a link to some other problems people have had lately. I’ve seen some of them too.

I will say that I have not been overly impressed with Google Analytics.  I’ve had problems with it and there is some reporting features that it lacks that some of the other trackers have that I am using.

~Susan Mellott

Google Analytics

I found a way to add code to my Goggle Blogger blog that should let me use Google Analytics which looks like it will give me a ton of information about who accesses my blog. I just added it so I’ll have to wait to see what information I get.

Since this can track any website, I could add this blog to it also, but I have to figure out how to add the code to my WordPress blog, which maybe I can’t do until I host it myself. I think there surely must be a way to add code to my blog template, but maybe not.


Google Blogger vs. WordPress

I have created a blog in both WordPress (this one) and in Blogger – Along the Path to 2.0.

I am trying to decide which I prefer and of course, they each have things I want. One thing I just did on this site using WordPress is to import all my blogs from my Google Blogger blog. That was really handy and a great way to change over to this site if I decide on WordPress.

But one thing I don’t like as well about WordPress is that I can’t seem to get to the underlying code as easily. In Blogger I can view the HTML and I have added the code to add a technorati button to it. It just seems a lot more flexible so far. But on the other hand, one of the biggest things right now for me is looking at my Blog Stats, and WordPress has a whole page dedicated to that and Blogger does not have anything, at least that I have found so far.

I also could not find out how to add widgets (beyond the standard ones) to either of these (excepting the code I put in Blogger). Sean tells me that the reason I can’t do it in WordPress is that I am not hosting my blog. Hopefully I’ll get my own web server one of these days and then I can explore that further. I wonder if it is the same issue in Blogger. I’d love to be able to add new page elements to my Blog and drag and drop them, which is really nice in Blogger and OK in WordPress.

And of course, I am a newbie to both of these systems (and to web page coding in general) so I will learn as I go. I’ve certainly figured out a ton of little things so far. Just like anything, at first everything is time-consuming and difficult. As I figure out some of the basics, it becomes easier.

I would greatly appreciate your comments about which Blog engine you like, and why!

Update: Here is another look at these 2 blog engines. Also, read my next post for info on using Google Analytics for tracking Blogger (was Blogspot).



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