Las Vegas 1.0 – Can’t Find Free Wireless Access on the Strip?

I am getting ready to leave for Las Vegas on Monday and I realized that the hotel where we are staying does not have free wireless access.  In fact, it is rather expensive, especially since I am used to being able to go almost anywhere and get free wireless access.  Fort Wayne is an amazingly progressive town and has had many free wireless access points for a very long time, as a matter of fact, it was nationally recognized as one of America’s most “wired and inspired” cities (according to Mayor Graham Richards) and has many, many wi-fi hot-spots.  Some of the more interesting hotspot areas include:

  • Headwaters Park
  • Freimann Square
  • Lawton Park
  • Several downtown restaurants
  • Allen County Courthouse courtyard
  • The main Allen County Public Library and all 13 branches
  • The Fort Wayne International Airport
  • and of course all the other common ones like MacDonalds, House of Pancakes, coffee houses, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.

So I just assumed that I would have no problem finding a free wireless hotspot in Las Vegas (specifically, the strip).  Buzzzz.  Wrong.  As near as I can tell, there are maybe 5 free hotspots on the strip and the strip is a couple miles long.  The closest to where we will be staying is the Apple Store in the Fashion Show Mall which is across the street and down a “Las Vegas Block” from us.   If you’ve been to Las Vegas, you know what a Las Vegas block is.  It is about a half a mile.

There is also one at the Las Vegas Hilton (and in the Las Vegas Hilton Monorail station – why couldn’t they have put it in some other monorail station?).  Again, if you know Las Vegas, you know that *nothing* is close to the Las Vegas Hilton.  So I could pay $5 each way to ride the monorail there, but that would be $20 for the two of us, just to get wireless access (although I do enjoy Star Trek – The Experience).  There is supposed to be one at the Planet Hollywood/Aladdin hotel, which is a little farther than the Fashion Show Mall, but in the other direction.  And someone thinks there is one by the hallway between Luxor and Excalibur which is at the far end of the strip.  Oh yes, there should be one at the Wynn too which the same distance as the Fashion Show Mall, but on our side of the road.  The Wynn is new since I was last at Vegas and I forget about it.  But that really is about it!  And in a town that is wall to wall hotels, casinos, restaurants and bars, I find that unbelievable.

And I really don’t want to be lugging my laptop all over creation in 100+ temps, just to get to the internet.  I don’t want to, but I will.  I can’t imagine going for 4 days without logging in.

But I plan to make it as little as possible, which means I won’t be posting much, if any, in the next week.  And I have things I want to post!  And I wanted to post about our trip.

I love Las Vegas, but it needs to get its 2.0 on.

~Susan Mellott


Las Vegas, baby!

I haven’t been posting as much because I’m trying to get my new WordPress installation configured and plug-ins added, etc.  But I’ve been working my butt off!  Since my birthday is coming up, I was trying to come up with something to do.

Then Vi told Sean about a deal that Allegiant Air is having where if you book one fly/hotel package, the 2nd person flies free.  I never quite trust that sort of promotion because I have checked it before and it has come out about the same, or cheaper if I look for hotel deals myself.  But this actually ended up being a good deal!

If we each got regular airfare ($158+tax pp) then the hotel ends up being like $29 a night total.  I think it was approximately $450 total for the 2 of us to fly from Fort Wayne to Las Vegas and stay 3 nights at the Imperial Palace.  I picked the Imperial Palace because it is cheap and very centrally located.  This is where we usually stay since it’s right in the middle of everything and you can’t beat the price!  I know there are snobs who say the Imperial Palace is tacky and old and they would never stay there, but we’ve stayed there many times and been very happy with it.  Its cost/benefit ratio is the best, IMO.

And we were very lucky that the kennel could take our dogs since it would be so near Labor Day.  The dog’s room costs almost as much as ours.

And while looking for what shows we might want to go see, I found a promotion through Ticketmaster where you can get seats to the Cirque de Soleil shows for half price!  They are the less desirable seats, but in the specially designed Cirque de Soleil theaters it is hard to find a really bad seat.   When we went to see Mystere’ we got the nosebleed seats in the middle because they are actually some of the best seats because so much happens in the air that you can see it all without having to twist your neck trying to see straight up.  I found that tip on the internet before we went and it was a very good one.  The seats are about $50 less than the “good” ones and they are arguably, as good or better.  Again, high cost/benefit ratio.

Some people might call me obsessive about deals but since I’m obsessive about everything, it comes in handy here .  I’m all about good value for your money!

~Susan Mellott


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