Automobiles 2.0: The Smart Car is coming!!!

I really, really, really want one of these cars! You can see them at the Smart Car website. They cost under $12,000 for the basic model, up to under $17,000 for the Smart fortwo Passion Cabrio, a tricked-out convertible model. I like the middle of the road model, the smart fortwo passion, for under $14,000.


I’ve seen this car overseas and admired it and now it is coming to the U.S. The vehicle is designed to achieve 40 plus mpg under normal driving conditions and current standards. The top speed is 90 mph, which is plenty for me. Here is a link to the FAQ page on the smart car.

You can reserve a smart car for $99 which is applicable to your purchase of a smart car and is refundable any time.

new_scion_xb_430x275.jpgWe bought a new Scion XB a couple years ago, which I love (its name is Squeezle :). We are lucky we got one when we did because they discontinued the original XB and made a new one that is not nearly as cool. And we have a big Dodge Ram truck since we live in the country and get firewood and all.

So we just don’t need another car and certainly can’t going buying everything we want. But I have some serious hots for this car!

UPDATE: I have moved to a new blog so this one does not have the latest posts on it. Here is a link to my current blog with a later post with Smart Car Update and Pricing Announced.

~Susan Mellott


4 Responses to “Automobiles 2.0: The Smart Car is coming!!!”

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  2. joe Says:

    do u really think the smart will be under 17k for the cabrio. It’s all bs think a car like that under 17k. So all of a sudden we will change the market. I dont think so.

  3. Shirley Says:

    I believe the smart will have to stay under 17k or nobody will buy them, after all, there are a LOT of other cars on the market for less than 17k. We have our reservation in on the smart (also the middle model) but we are also looking at a Toyota Yaris as our *bigger* car!! I think people have to start looking at conservation as way of life – because life is changing rapidly. The best way to boycott the oil companies is to not buy the oil, but until we can really do that, small cars must be the trend if we’re to have a future.

  4. kathi's husband Says:

    The Smart Car has been here since at least March this year, maybe earlier since the car was plated! At least in Harlan, IN of all places.

    I think the price was actually $23000 for this 2006 model, at least for this one. The price is on the tag in the window. I wouldn’t pay that much for it, I know that!

    Here’s a couple of links to some pictures of it:

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